Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile


Company Name Kanematsu PWS Ltd
Head Office

925, Nippa-cho, kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 223-0057, Japan

Phone Number +81-45-544-1811
FAX Number +81-45-544-2500
Established September 7, 1982
Paid-in Capital ¥30 million
Representative Hideto Matsui, President
Board Members Takashi Ikehata   Tatsuya Fukase    Akihiko Fujita
Company Auditor Shuji Ishii

Business Field

Import & sales, manufacturing, repair, and maintenance of semiconductor  equipment and their parts
Main Products Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (Aligner, Wafer Bonder, Coater/Developer and so on) by SUSS MicroTec
Pipe heater for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Large cast  heater for stage,
Probe card for power & sensor devices
Ultra- precision Die Bonder, Automated plating analyzer
Noncontact wafer thickness gauge
Fully automatic ultrasonic direct bonder for IGBT module, and so on
Shareholder KANEMATSU Corporation (100%)


ISO 9001:2015(Registration number:5202/Expiration date:January 13,2024)



Corporate History

1982 Establishes Pacific Western Systems Japan in order to import and sell the semiconductor manufacturing equipment made by PWS USA.
1983 Starts selling the atmospheric pressure CVD device, prober, memory tester, horizontal plasma CVD equipment made by PWS USA

Starts developing and designing the fully automatic atmospheric pressure CVD device for small batches of a variety of products and GaAs IC wafer.

1991 Enters into a partnership with Plasma System Co., Ltd. on design and manufacturing of  automatic PCB transfer system for LCD display manufacturing equipment.
1994 Starts technical guidance and sales cooperation business with Luxtron Corp. USA.
1996 Acquires capital in PST Co., Ltd., Taiwan (in Hsinchu Science Park).
1998 Starts sales of cooperation business of products and Mask develop tool made by SteagHamatech, Germany.
1999 Starts selling the heaters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment made by Watlow,  USA.

Starts selling the photomask defect measurement system made by AVI, USA.

Starts selling the CMP pad conditioner made by Abrasive, USA.
2003 Starts manufacturing and selling the new model of endpoint detector for CMP and etching       equipment.
2012 Changes the company name to Kanematsu PWS Limited.
2014 Starts business to create an environment of wafer level probing test.
2017 Becomes the general sales agent of SUSS MicroTec, Germany, and starts sales and     after-sales service of photolithography, bonding, and high-tech photomask development and cleaning equipment.



925, Nippa-cho, kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 223-0057, Japan

TEL: +81-45-544-1811, FAX: +81-45-544-2500

  Please change JR line in Yokohama Station or Shinkansen in Shin-Yokohama Station, to Yokohama Municipal Subway for "AZAMINO", and get off in "NIPPA" Station. Our office is a 5-minute walk from NIPPA Station.

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