SUSS MicroTec Products



SUSS MicroTec is a world leading supplier of manufacturing equipment and process solutions for microstructuring applications with more than sixty years of engineering experience. Its core businesses are lithography solutions and wafer bonders.

Lithography Division produces the very high precision lithography tools focused on "mask aligner" and "resist spin/spray coaters". Wafer Bonder Division specializes in Wafer Bonder development of products for mass production packaging and also provides Manual equipment.

Photomask Equipment Division provides the equipment solutions for photomask and imprint mask processing and the most advanced cleaning equipment adaptable to EUV mask as well.


Mask integrity plays a greater part in the success of advanced lithographic processing. SUSS MicroTec offers the automated equipment that meets the next-generation lithography roadmap requirements for photomask cleaning, baking and developing processing. Its innovative solutions meet the most stringent conditions of 193i 1x nm half-pitch DPT, extreme-ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) and nanoimprint lithography (NIL) processing with the aim of maximizing the photomask performance.




SUSS MicroTec spin coaters and spray coaters enhance the coating mastery with premium performance, ease of use, and flexibility. SUSS MicroTec supports production from low-volume laboratory tools to high-end production systems up to 300 mm wafer with a lineup of compact and user-friendly resist coating equipment.




SUSS MicroTec’s wafer bonders combine more than sixty years of microstructuring experience with high consciousness for performance and solid product quality to incorporate into wafer bonders. Through partnership with research institution and material suppliers, SUSS MicroTec develops intelligent bond solutions which offer leading-edge technology for the customers. Its wafer bonders cover many different applications in 2.5D and 3D integration, MEMS production, LED and power devices as well as other areas of research and development.




SUSS MicroTec Mask Aligners, which have optimally sophisticated exposure optics for applications with thick and thin resists, sport the highest alignment precision. SUSS MicroTec offers a complete range of mask aligners for high-end fab automation, high volume production and R&D environments as well. SUSS MicroTec Mask Aligners are used for lithography applications especially in the fields of MEMS, advanced packaging, 3D packaging, compound semiconductors, power devices, photovoltaics, nanotechnology and wafer-level optics.


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